CJ Pro – An introduction

The Lighthouse CJ Pro is the printer that lets you take control of all your label and signage requirements. Easy to master, quick to use and incredibly versatile, you can use the Lighthouse CJ Pro to produce labels, pipe markers, Health & Safety signs, barcodes, nameplates and more…

Is the CJ Pro the right model for you?

  • Need a low cost alternative to sourcing your own signs and labels? At under a thousand pounds, the Lighthouse CJ Pro is the answer.
  • Looking for a compact system that’s light and portable? The Lighthouse CJ Pro weighs under 2kg.
  • Our Lighthouse CJ Pro software clip art gallery provides more than 1,700 signs and symbols, and you can introduce your own logos, diagrams and schematics.

Print what you want, when you want

The Lighthouse CJ Pro is the perfect all-rounder. You can design and print single application labels or large runs – it’s entirely up to you. You’ll enjoy the huge cost savings that come of having the potential to do it all as and when required, entirely in-house. You’ll never have to raise another requisition, chase another order or wait on a delivery – and you’ll never pay another premium price for a one-off label.

Above all, the Lighthouse CJ Pro really is simplicity itself to use. It comes with its own dedicated software, and at just 1.9kg it’s fully portable – you can put it to work whenever and wherever you need it.

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