Lighthouse CM-200 – An introduction

Unique, compact and really easy-to-use, the Lighthouse CM-200 is the new way to design and create exceptional quality signage in-house. With a compact footprint of just 380mm x 200mm, the Lighthouse CM-200 is smaller than most ink-jet printers – and yet it has the capacity to produce A2 signs and bigger, with individual text and graphics up to 920mm high and 2m long.

Is the Lighthouse CM-200 the right model for you?

  • Want to make some serious cost savings? Typical savings for Lighthouse CM-200 users can stack up to 80%
  • Is workspace at a premium? The Lighthouse CM-200 has a small footprint of just 380mm x 200mm.
  • Our Lighthouse for Max CM-200 software clip art gallery provides more than 2,200 signs and symbols, and you can introduce your own logos, diagrams and schematics.

Cutting your costs

The Lighthouse CM-200 makes the whole process of designing and creating signs easier, quicker and cheaper than ever. You can forget the old way of doing things – looking through catalogues for the right sign, making requisition orders, then waiting for the signs to arrive. Instead, you get instant access to personalised signage without having to pay a premium.

Typical savings? Compared with buying customised signs, you can routinely save a massive 80%! Now imagine the sort of operational improvements and cost reductions you could make with the Lighthouse CM-200 at your disposal…

Make it easy on yourself

The Lighthouse CM-200 comes with our dedicated Microsoft Certified Lighthouse software making for easy and intuitive operation. You’ll be able to begin designing your own signs pretty much straight ‘out of the box’.