Signs and labels are everywhere – they convey essential information quickly and concisely. In the workplace, we rely on clear signage to advise, inform and warn people. So it’s down to you to produce appropriate signage (even one-off designs) as and when required.

So how do you do that quickly and cost effectively? It’s easy with the CPM-100. Used across industries, the CPM-100 handles labelling and signage requirements for Health & Safety, engineering, electrical, plant ID, product ID, pipe marking, admin, chemical ID, facilities management, control panels and more.


Is the CPM-100 right for you?

  • Want to create larger signs and labels? The CPM-100 provides print length up to two metres.
  • Cut labels to any shape required.
  • Our CPM-100 software clip art gallery provides more than 2,300 signs and symbols, and
  • you can introduce your own logos, diagrams and schematics.

Adding to the flexibility of the product itself, the CPM-100 comes with an innovative range of consumables and software features. New industry applications include labels and signs for the emergency services, retailers, education, sports stadia, theatres, hospitals, theme parks, vehicle retailers, government, the military etc.


Think Big!

Best of all, you can design and print exactly what you want, when you want it. The output is strong and robust meaning the CPM-100 can handle all kinds of applications, from signs and labels for education, retail and emergency services right through to the most demanding uses in engineering, pipe marking and chemical ID. Really there’s no end to the possible applications.

The CPM-100 gives you plenty of capacity. With a print length of up to two metres you can create some very large labels and signs. But it’s not just about the big applications. You can easily create and cut hundreds of different shapes and custom-cut labels in millimetres instead of metres.